Malaysia No 1 Learning Platform

Timev is an application that focuses on optimizing learning and teaching experiences. We strive to bring maximum convenience and benefits to both teachers and learners nationwide, making your education journey easier with more fun.

Browse, compare, book new classes instantly without hassle, either to develop hobbies or pick up new skills. Select from finance, art, music, development, wellness categories and more!


Solution for fraud that benefits both parties. Buyers pay to Timev and enjoy service anytime afterwards (reservation required); Sellers provide service first and get paid after service is performed. All users can now trade with reassurance.

User-Oriented Platform

A centralized service marketplace with genuine rating system where Buyers can compare and select preferred services from a comprehensive array of categories and Sellers get their skills or services seen and sold.

Secure Fund

We’re using SEA most trusted payment gateway – MOLPay. As a PCI DSS compliant, it optimizes the security of transaction, protect cardholder’s data and prevention measures to any upcoming security issues.

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